While many early societies extolled the use of sound as a medicine, modern scientists have created studies that show that vibration has a direct effect on the cells. Further, research by Fabien Mammon shows that unhealthy cells are asymetrical and disorganized. Sessions for clients are designed to create a sound bath for the cells of the body so that they may organize in harmony and create a chain reaction that permeates the four main areas of life: body, mind, emotions, spirit.

Our goal at Marin Sound Healing is to achieve total wellness through addressing the four main areas of life as they present in your physical body:
1. Physical Health
2. Empowered Mental Outlook
3. Emotions
4. Spiritual Growth & Development


What Are Meridians?
How Are They Used With Sound?

The meridians used in Chinese Acupuncture and Acupressure are like laylines that move throughout the body. Each organ has a layline that traverses the length of the body or part of the length of the body. Many of these lines either start or end in the feet and hands, but not all. By applying precision-calibrated tuning forks to these points, the frequency of the body is influenced into a new or shifted pattern.

Do You Use Other Types OF Sound Besides The Tuning Forks?

Yes. We use Tibettal brass bowls, crystal bowls, bells, chimes, ting-shas, and sometimes the voice.